Arctic Cat Four Wheelers

Arctic Cat has been in the manufacturing business of recreational vehicles since 1960 and came out with its first ATV in 1996. The company is located in Thief River Falls, MN. The main line of vehicles is snowmobiles and all-terrain vehicles, also known as four-wheelers.

Edgar Hetteen, who was a snowmobile pioneer, launched arctic Cat. He had left a previously self-started business, Polaris Industries, to start Arctic Cat. The company has grown to be a major player in the snowmobile and ATV arena.

Arctic Cat did not start their company with the production of ATVs; they currently produce quite a few different models. These range from models for youth to competition models, with recreation and sport, trail and utility models rounding out the rest of the models.

arctic cat four wheelers

Most of the ATVs have both 4 wheel drive and 2-wheel drive, and electronic power steering capacity, and have suspensions. The engines have a hemispherical combustion system, which gives a more powerful combustion capability. They have an automatic transmission and hydraulic disc brakes. The ATVs are also very hardy because they tout a 1050-pound towing capability.

When Arctic Cat began the designs for their first ATVs they torn down the machines of the competition and saw how they could build better and more durable machines. They also interviewed other ATV riders to determine what could be done to build a better machine. The two answers that they gleaned from such interrogation were that a machine with more power and durability was needed.

There are 19 different Arctic Cat four wheelers, but the model that has gotten everyones attention is the Thundercat 1000 H2. This four wheeler claims to have the largest displacement engine around.

The Thundercat has a 951cc, four stroke, four valve liquid cooled V-twin engine. It has a hemispherical-shaped head which shapes up to giving more focused combustion, which kicks off even more power. Starting is perfect with electronic fuel injection and liquid cooling with the high capacity radiator and thermostatically controlled fan makes for a constant operating temperatures of the engine.

The Arctic Cat Four Wheelers are very ruggedly built and perform very well on tough terrain, sand dunes, and even on slick surfaces like ice and snow. The ATVs original purpose was just for enjoyment only, but the versatility and power of these vehicles have made them a must for hunting, sports events, transportation for wildlife enthusiasts and any other outdoor activity possible. They are made to withstand the rigors of rough terrain.

Riders really enjoy the smooth ride of the Arctic Cat four wheelers because of the quality suspension system and the smooth power steering. The popularity of the Arctic Cat is largely due to the quality and durability of the product. The Arctic Cat power on all different types of terrain is another major factor in the steady demand.

Special attachments like the Rapid Blind Big Game hunting blind accessory attaches to the ATV and looks like a hunting blind. This camouflaged blind can move with the ATV thus setting up a blind anywhere they can be mobile. There are shelters that also attach to the ATV so if foul weather suddenly pops up a shelter is immediately available.

Various bow and gun racks, tool racks and other necessary accessories are available as well so any sportsman can have what he needs at his fingertips.

The Arctic Cat ATVs high level of technology provides superior performance, vastly more durability compared to the competition. The high-density polyethylene skid plate protects the rest of the body of the ATV so the machine does not have to bear the brunt of the ride. The arctic cat does not require as much maintenance as the competition. The maintenance-free suspension bushings and easily available oil filters make maintenance a thing of the past.

The suspension of the Arctic cat is a marvel giving it a smoother trip on the roughest of terrain. With the large cargo capacity and flawless suspension it will outwork the competition and leave the rider rested as he goes.

Whether an individual is merely interested in a reliable vehicle for getting around for some relaxation or the more rigorous activities of racing, rallies, hunting and fishing and outdoor tracking over difficult terrain is more suited to the taste, Arctic Cat four wheelers will foot the bill.